Monday, December 18, 2006

Dubai 29th of Nov, 2006

The Ultimate city, cutting edge technology among the around cities. Although the weather there is pretty awful, you would not stand couple of minutes being open-door. They themselves "locals" know that very well, see the picture. its the amazing in door - man made - skiing hole! STUNNING WORK!

Sami visits again

Well, this time it was awesome! the timing Sami choose!! with the winter showing up and some new activities starting to kick-off. Like the new bench in the front door!! GOOD TIMING!

Sami, he was probably over-dosing on coffee in this shot!!

10th of Dec, 2006

Having a Blog is no easy job. It’s only about finding the time to maintain your entries, and somehow I get the feeling that my time is rolling backward. any ways, the guys from are doing a great job, take a look its quite a directory they have almost everybody who had intentions to blog listed up there.