Monday, February 26, 2007

Jordan from my brother's

Tallal -TJ - just came back from awesome trip to Jordan. He went by himself and met with some old friends in Amman, As far as I remember he visited some other places near by. I think he said something about, Jarash "If am not mistaken" and took some stunning pictures over there.

I couldn't let go! I had to flickr, such a nice collection. I will also arrange with Tallal maybe he could write something about Jordan some tips for instant.

Tallal posted some comments on flickr gallery just follow the link

Sunday, February 18, 2007

My cousin driving a scooter

Malaysia and Thailand from my lens

Last time I blogged was in the Airport on my way to start a vacation, and as far as I remember I said something about maintaining my blog on a daily basis. Well, that did not happen :)

Things were shaky plus I wasted too much energy every day seeing new things and doing as well. By the end of the day I was desperate for a sleeping marathon.

The trip to Malaysia:
It was extremely gorgeous – the country – from the moment we arrived to Kuala Lumpur airport things was going great. The airport is really massive equipped with cutting edge technology; we even had to take a train to travel from a terminal to another. So, you can imagine what sort of airports am talking about.

We spent in Kuala Lumpur two nights. There is nothing much in Kuala Lumpur for tourist. Accept seeing a modern, clean, organized city. What really amazed me is, the harmony Malaysians has, living together! I mean, a community built on different races.

Off course one the best things we came across in Malaysia. The next day we woke up looking for a decent coffee house to have breakfast and wake-up doses – coffee – and the next thing we see, Mahathir Mohammed the former prime minister of Malaysia.

Malaysians are such friendly people, welcoming and it’s a totally safe to go for a walk any time. Hotels were a bit expensive but it is what I expect from such a city, although food is delicious and cheap. You can hoop to any local restaurant, close your eyes and point something from the menu! Somehow it turns out to be delicious. They use a lot of spice on their menus. Off course you can always go for the fast food and there is plenty of other choices Italian, Mexican, etc.

Genting Highlands
A taxi from Kuala Lumpur to Genting Highland will charge 80 Ringgit, which is quite good for one hour drive. The taxi will not actually drop you to Genting Highlands itself, it’s a cable car station then you can continue with 5 Ringgit, the trip will take another 30 minutes.

Its totally different weather, the city is built on mountings and has a beautiful forest covering everything around you. The concept of Genting Highland is a typical entertainment city. Every kind of video games you can find there, plus roller costar which by the way rated as one of the best riders in the world.

Hotels are way too cheap, the one recommendation I would give. If you want to visit Genting Highland just make sure it's not foggy before you go!

Malaysia Pictures

Thailand (Pattaya)
OK, this was not planned at all. Suddenly we decided to go Thailand the main reason off course because it's so much cheaper over there. Within one hour and 45 minutes by plane we were at Bangkok airport, off course we had to return to Kuala Lumpur to arrange the ticketing and everything else. The moment we got there we hired a Taxi to Pattaya, took 2 hours to get there and charged 1,500 Baht.

Thailand – Pattaya – is a totally different from what you see in Malaysia. The country is a mess! Very poor and every thing is cheap. What I really enjoyed about Thailand, that you literally can do any thing you want. It's loaded with activities and most of it is very cheap.

The beach is extremely gorgeous, and has plenty of places to set and chill. You can rent bikes to go around since the roads are quite small and it's much better going through on a bike or a scooter.

My favorite's activity was going to this Island by boat; you will find plenty of boats waiting to pick up customers. It will cost 1,800 to rent the boat for you, will take you to three Islands the first one you can do under water walking and its quite fun. Then to another you can rent guns to shoot on targets which we didn't do, then to another Island which has the most beautiful beach I ever seen. The water was crystal pure and the sight is a breath-taking. There is a nice restaurant there, will serve fresh sea food (shrimps, hamoor, craps).

Another favorite is taking a scuba diving. It's incredibly cheap, with 4,000 Baht they will take you for three dives and they will give you the lesson on the boat going to the Islands. Off course, the place is gorgeous, crystal pure water. The staff from different countries (UK, Brazil) and were really friendly. The under water life is way too beautiful to describe, off course I was in a total mess not knowing how to use all the equipment on my back but once you start going down. Let's say, you just stop thinking about anything else :) I took some under water pictures I just didn't get the film done yet.

Thailand Pictures

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