Friday, January 18, 2008

Urood two new section

Urood new forums, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

Recently urood has added two new sections to their forums corner. This will allow users to discuss education related subjects & have their place of reading and writing new jokes. see more details at


MerryBrowns, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

The other day I was passing through Canada-Dry street in Shuwaikh after mid night heading to Mcdonalds & I saw this new place opened up right in the beginning of the street near the car washes. Well, I had no other choice so I took the risk to try their menu. I would say they are the best fast food place in Kuwait, I got the MB Club sandwich and turn out very nicely.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Reiki Level 1 - 17th - 18th of Jan, 2008


Learn the Art of Healing "Reiki" - Japanese Art that teach us how to raise the level of our energy within and use it in healing our selves as well as others.

Its a very interesting and fun to learn technique that is full of fun, and will surely transform your lives. even if you are perfectly healthy using Reiki can be a wonderful stress management tool that is highly recommended to tap into your own treasure of wonders (Deep thinking, meditative state of mind, and over all energetic body)

this program is offered through in Kuwait .. the duration of two days will be followed by one month program of exercises that you do on your own, at the pace of your home .. and a follow up through email and online medium will be handled to make sure you are going on the right track after you achieve some milestones in your own development.

The fees are 120 K.D. per person, price including:

  • All materials
  • Full support for one month to follow through email and SMS
  • Two treatment sessions to clear and detoxify your energy fields (worth 60 K.D)
  • free listing on online website for referral of treatments for those would like to make a profession out of it
  • Guaranteed fun in energy work that will transform your life

Contact now : email : - or for more information about Reiki or the Master teaching this program: Please Visit Our Site