Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Honda experience

5-Speed Automatic, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

Its not a rental if that what you thinking because some how and over a weekend I suddenly decided that i need a car. I had plenty of options to choose from but I felt I their go for it now or I'll be delaying this for another 2 years.

Since college I've been using my Jeep & to be frank Its been a great ride for the past 5 years. I enjoyed every thing about that car although I really abused it! I've done things to that car am not proud of! and amazingly its still running and in a good shape. That's a car am not planning to sell, it’s a keeper!

Now, as for the Honda until now its been showing a success when it comes to engine performance. I would never think that a 4 cylinder can perform that well, the acceleration is incredibly good and even has a nice grip over the road. The interior is designed different from any Sedan from the same category, everything is so reachable and with huge buttons so you would never miss.

The one bad thing about and which most people find disturbing but for me it gives the car a sporty feel when driving. It is the engine sound and noise control, when you are driving a –Toyota – Camry from the same model you will hardly hear sound from outside the car including the engine. But, with the Honda its completely different because when you are driving at 120km/h you will feel it like on a rollercoaster & perhaps that’s why am enjoying it :)

Honda distributor or dealer in Kuwait is not the best, I had tough time buying the car and now am wondering how they would treat me if something goes wrong & I go back looking for spare parts. The paper work was delayed and every time I call and ask about the status they never gave me a straight answer, they gave me the car dusty & didn’t even wash it properly, the salesmen don’t really understand much about cars. When I first went to the showroom I was trying hard to extract information about the car, I was trying to know specification about the engine and the difference between each model. Yet, am very satisfied with my choice but really hope they would concentrate on training their staff more at Honda showrooms…

That’s it for now and have a great day every one

UPDATE: here is set of photos I uploaded the first day I got the car out.