Thursday, November 29, 2007

Toffee nuts is back, christmas!!

Today I was on my way to the office, passed by starbucks in the building and there was this smell. It hit me straight in the head, I followed my nose to the source and it was "Toffee Nuts late". Last year, I've been to starbucks countless times just get one almost every morning.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Movie break: American gangster

American gangster, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

This movie had a unique thing going on. Denzel Washington was playing the lead roll in this movie, As far as I understood its based on a true events. It might not be everyone movie there was lots of violent, nudity, drugs..etc. despite all Denzel was the man for this movie, he showed a great characteristic and family values.

One of my favorite moment in the movie was when Denzal was giving advice to his nephew and brothers. He said, "Most important thing in business is honesty, integrity, hard work, family and never forget where we came from".

iPhone experience: SSH terminal

G'day, This is just mind blowing and couldn't resist not sharing it with you guys. How to get your SSH terminal running on your iPhone. first of all you will need to install three application and you must do them in order.

1. BSD Subsystem (size 6.6 MB - Unix tool for the iPhone)
2. OpenSSH (size 696.3 KB - OpenSSH server & client)
3. Term-vt100 (size 81.1 KB - vt100 terminal app)

Once all the above is installed you will immediately find the terminal icon appears on your dashboard.

terminal on dashboard
(Above image you can see the term-vt100 appearing in the dashboard)

Using term-vt100
(Above image you see when the term-vt100 starts up you can switch to bash)

Have fun everyone,

Friday, November 16, 2007

The iPhone experience, phase one

iPhone, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

Yes, finally i got my hands on one of those. I was very thrilled to start using the new iPhone from Apple. At first, the phone looks incredibly elegant and fun to use. Any who, until now I've come up with a list with features i like the most and i hate the most.

Lets start with the ones I like the most
1. Amazing keyboard for typing messages.
2. Rich graphical interface.
3. Great video player - Resolution-wise - & cover float view.
4. Huge storage space for your movies to carry around.
5. Easy to setup mail services.
6. Installer to Add/Remove applications.
7. Amazing Alarm system.
8. Youtube application for streaming live videos and searching youtube database.
9. Synchronize perfectly with you Mac address book, Calendar..etc.
10. Since its based on Unix its allow you to install most the unix famous applications as HTTPD, SSH server/client, perl, php, python..etc.

Now the ones i don't like
1. Runs out of battery quickly.
2. Cannot forward SMS nor you can send to multiple recipient at a time.
3. Cannot customize the email checking process.
4. Cannot configure your own ring tone accept through iTunes store.
5. No google maps support for the middle east.
6. Cannot use the bluetooth to send/receive nor connect to your Mac.

Well, this is all for now.. I'll try to post more about the experience in general. Until then, thanks for reading and if you have any concerns about the iPhone please don't hesitate to post em up and I'll get back to you.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

beach volleyball, first place!

Last week I was playing beach volleyball, the weather was blowing cool air, the sun light was keeping the sands warm and the energy was like nothing else. Good thing though I reached there exactly one hour before the volleyball matches starts (Hilton Mangaf). And yes, we won the first place in volleyball!!

It was far away from my expectations since the other teams were playing pretty good. On the semi final we took the lead with one score difference and on the finals the other team decided not to compete and call it a day. By default the trophy and 15KD Cheque went to us. YEY!

A very late "Eid Mubarak"

I feel guilty for not keeping my posts maintained in the past month. Specially, that Eid was in the middle, I had good things going on that time and wanted to blog them but due to busy hours. Well, I didn’t!!!

As far I remember it was a very nice kick, the chocolate we had this year is a complete turn on. During the first two days of Eid I’ve eaten chocolate more than what I eat in 2 years. In above picture you can see my cousin son is in melting mood, this is when you take the first bite and all your senses start mixing up! he didn't even remove the cover for GOD SAKES!!!

Well, there is nothing much to blog about since all the excitement of the moment is gone now. I just didn’t want to miss on telling the world “Eid Mubarak”