Monday, December 18, 2006

Dubai 29th of Nov, 2006

The Ultimate city, cutting edge technology among the around cities. Although the weather there is pretty awful, you would not stand couple of minutes being open-door. They themselves "locals" know that very well, see the picture. its the amazing in door - man made - skiing hole! STUNNING WORK!

Sami visits again

Well, this time it was awesome! the timing Sami choose!! with the winter showing up and some new activities starting to kick-off. Like the new bench in the front door!! GOOD TIMING!

Sami, he was probably over-dosing on coffee in this shot!!

10th of Dec, 2006

Having a Blog is no easy job. It’s only about finding the time to maintain your entries, and somehow I get the feeling that my time is rolling backward. any ways, the guys from are doing a great job, take a look its quite a directory they have almost everybody who had intentions to blog listed up there.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The new Agenda

Am getting involved in the web business again, this weekend am having hectic agenda, am going to start publishing some of my websites which include commercials and non-commercials.

  • DiabloForUs (Games webstie, which dedicated to Diablo game players)
  • i-Q8 (A website for local services include verity of items planned but as a start we going to go easy in the beginning)
  • MexicanElephant (Working with the brilliant designer MO, dedicated for tee shirts and posters)
  • Mj-Mughrabi (My personal stuff)

Soon, I'll be posting more detailed article about my projects, for now i got to go:)

Have a great day every one, Mo

Friday, June 30, 2006


Me, Retha and Abdurahman at HardRock on the beach side.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Me & Aziz

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Which way out?

WTF!!, Yeah i took this picture, and the funny thing is none of these ways take you to exit!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Athens Morning

OK, after all this abstract with my vacation i end up going to ATHENS! there is many things to tell about it. but i rather not to say every thing together i'll sattle for this morning when i woke up and went to the roof for breakfast! you can't see the roof, neither can't see the breakfast in this picture but you can see how much i been sleeing. My eyes are almost going to pup out from my head.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Vacation Abstract!

Having a vacation is awesome, planning the vacation SUCKS! Lately i been planning mine when first accord to me (the idea) I had no doubt about my destination it was going to be Ukraine i had a friend who lives over there and it was a chance to meet up and have some fun. then my friend called it off for reasons am not much aware of then later another friend comes up to me and ask me to join him to Romania he brings me promotions and pictures from his brother visit and convinced me to join!

but shit happen! he call it off too!, now am stuck alone in a trip but i was like "hell with it, am going!" so, I started getting myself together, apply for vacation and I GOT THE APPROVAL! so far things was going smooth! I had no problems going there alone i was going to go and meet new people - NATIVES - and just chill from work.

then I call the travel agency to check the plane timing "couldn't get it from the ticket" and the dude asks me if i have done my visa which off course I didn't do!

the bad news was the visa takes over a 45 days to get done through the Romanian embassy! WHAT THE HELL! - If i was going to the moon visa will take less time!! - and am already up that so, any ways, the people at the embassy was friendly and the romanian air ways they helped me to get it done faster now they promised me it will be done within couple of days before my flight! which scares me!

any ways, I will try to keep every body updated with this WEIRD trip even when i go there i will post pictures on a daily basis.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Today am having a very long day I feel each hour passing like a year and all that off course because i didn't get enough sleep yesterday. any ways, yesterday i was chilling and laying around like a lazy cat in my room and a friend of mine calls and asks me to come over to his Dwanya!

I am not sure if every body reading knows what is a Dwanya so i will just give a brief about Dwanya's in Kuwait and the idea of it!

Dwanya's usually are attached to the house! it is a room which has it private entrance some times it is big room and some times it is small! In other words it is like the arabian pubs! with no beer in it!.. the dwanya owners will keep some entertainment items inside their dwanya which in some cases define which dwanya cooler to than the other one!, You will see these entertainment items are different from place to another! like adult will always keep cards and teenagers will keep a play station.

A TV is mandatory in each dwanya I have no idea why! the dwanya door will be open afternoon until mid night and some times on weekend it goes beyond that. usually a bunch of guys who knows each other from stone-age will be going there on daily basis! others will come once in a week! maybe talk!, play some cards and watch TV!,, hot drinks will be served like there is no tomorrow once you done with your tea another one will be replaced and you will not even notice! (I'm serious!)..
yesterday i had like half dozen of these small tea cups. but to be honest my friend Bader in his Dwanya they make the best tea!

Finally, when you enter a new Dwanya you always feel odd. You don't know what is the situation here! should i grab the joy stick and play some mortal combat! or should I go get the cards and shack the place a bit! just don't! drink your tea and chill!

Monday, March 13, 2006

The elevator & me

In the past couple of days I been working on a morning shift, waking up in the early morning is not the worst part of it. I will always have problems in coming on time you will be running to work and once I park my car and get out of it. I feel that is it! I'm here! I'm at work!. But, the fact is I only passed half the way to work! Now comes the elevator!

And the worst part of using the elevator when you wait for couple of minutes and then finally the door start opening you get quickly in thinking once you step a foot inside this thing will start flying up!, But it does not!, the door closes very slow! It is like the elevator telling you "Want to get there on time? Sorry, you have to wait for the door!"

Once I was waiting for the elevator and one person who seemed to me in a hurry shows up and he want to get down stairs now! so, he goes to the button which I pressed already (elevator button) and press it again and again and again!, WHAT IS THE POINT, Buddy? That will not get you the elevator faster! It is not like the elevator will be going down and on his way he will be like this person on the 6th floor is calling ME!!! I think he needs ME! I have to go and rescue him!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Blackberry in a mobile!

It is actually blackberry mobiles (cellular brand) but i have no idea why I put this title! I thought it sounds cool to think that there is an actual blackberry setting inside a phone somewhere!

This is the new generation of mobile telecommunication; Blackberry has so many functions it is like using your laptop and even more. It works on any network in the world! (Middle east, Unisted State, Europe and Africa). And the weird part this thing is huge! If you look at one of them it is like we are reversing in time! you can read more about it here

Blogging: Level one

This is totally new for me and i think it is a great way to share your daily thoughts and diary with friends specially if you don't get to meet them much.

Actually blogging is such a unique way of talking though i didn't do it before but am having fun already. and the best part you will always have a reference for your life! I mean in the end of the year you can go through the archive and tell how bad was your year I will be like "Hmm this year sucks! I have to stop hanging out with .."

I will be posting articles about myself, friends and Kuwait. since am from Kuwait I will be writing about the people in Kuwait, places in Kuwait (shortest one) and some other things. so, If you are one of my friend and you are reading this you have to know by the time you complete reading this articles you have agreed to leave comment! and not just any comment! it must be nice or i will freak out!!! 

Best regards,