Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Today am having a very long day I feel each hour passing like a year and all that off course because i didn't get enough sleep yesterday. any ways, yesterday i was chilling and laying around like a lazy cat in my room and a friend of mine calls and asks me to come over to his Dwanya!

I am not sure if every body reading knows what is a Dwanya so i will just give a brief about Dwanya's in Kuwait and the idea of it!

Dwanya's usually are attached to the house! it is a room which has it private entrance some times it is big room and some times it is small! In other words it is like the arabian pubs! with no beer in it!.. the dwanya owners will keep some entertainment items inside their dwanya which in some cases define which dwanya cooler to than the other one!, You will see these entertainment items are different from place to another! like adult will always keep cards and teenagers will keep a play station.

A TV is mandatory in each dwanya I have no idea why! the dwanya door will be open afternoon until mid night and some times on weekend it goes beyond that. usually a bunch of guys who knows each other from stone-age will be going there on daily basis! others will come once in a week! maybe talk!, play some cards and watch TV!,, hot drinks will be served like there is no tomorrow once you done with your tea another one will be replaced and you will not even notice! (I'm serious!)..
yesterday i had like half dozen of these small tea cups. but to be honest my friend Bader in his Dwanya they make the best tea!

Finally, when you enter a new Dwanya you always feel odd. You don't know what is the situation here! should i grab the joy stick and play some mortal combat! or should I go get the cards and shack the place a bit! just don't! drink your tea and chill!

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Marty said...

hi friend!!! :) i'm now a new lector in ur blogg. Thanks for all, and see u soon !!!!

kisses :***********

_ Marta_