Sunday, March 12, 2006

Blogging: Level one

This is totally new for me and i think it is a great way to share your daily thoughts and diary with friends specially if you don't get to meet them much.

Actually blogging is such a unique way of talking though i didn't do it before but am having fun already. and the best part you will always have a reference for your life! I mean in the end of the year you can go through the archive and tell how bad was your year I will be like "Hmm this year sucks! I have to stop hanging out with .."

I will be posting articles about myself, friends and Kuwait. since am from Kuwait I will be writing about the people in Kuwait, places in Kuwait (shortest one) and some other things. so, If you are one of my friend and you are reading this you have to know by the time you complete reading this articles you have agreed to leave comment! and not just any comment! it must be nice or i will freak out!!! 

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