Monday, March 13, 2006

The elevator & me

In the past couple of days I been working on a morning shift, waking up in the early morning is not the worst part of it. I will always have problems in coming on time you will be running to work and once I park my car and get out of it. I feel that is it! I'm here! I'm at work!. But, the fact is I only passed half the way to work! Now comes the elevator!

And the worst part of using the elevator when you wait for couple of minutes and then finally the door start opening you get quickly in thinking once you step a foot inside this thing will start flying up!, But it does not!, the door closes very slow! It is like the elevator telling you "Want to get there on time? Sorry, you have to wait for the door!"

Once I was waiting for the elevator and one person who seemed to me in a hurry shows up and he want to get down stairs now! so, he goes to the button which I pressed already (elevator button) and press it again and again and again!, WHAT IS THE POINT, Buddy? That will not get you the elevator faster! It is not like the elevator will be going down and on his way he will be like this person on the 6th floor is calling ME!!! I think he needs ME! I have to go and rescue him!


Mr.boSaud said...

Hello Dude...

I'm really interest when reading your blogger's thing..

And about car parking at WORK!

I have the same thing... always having problems whith coming in time to work ... first of all.. taking-off from my house late!!! .. and second thing is .. how can I find a parking for my car?!!

miserable life :-(

but I thing the final solution is to building a multi-levels parking, that is it.

P.S.: & about that guy.. next time just punching him ;-)

Have A Nice Day... صاح

blood said...

heyzz dude nice blog i love it and yaa abt the elevator lool i know wat u r goin through i have been there.
ur blog rocks \m/\m/

Mugrubi said...

well . .by pressing more than once I think he is just letting go of some emotional pressure.

and this type of people are better than those who press the up and down buttoms at once while obviously they have to be going once direction. Either up or down :) ! I liked what you wrote.. it shows me that you have a meditative sense of humor .. and a unique way of looking at things :)
but if you see this type of people trying to press more than once hoping that the elevator will responce to that and just out of the blue open, ask him to massage the elevator buttom and give it some love :) maybe it works better since his trick didn't work ! and just see the reaction on their faces hehehe good way to start ur day