Saturday, April 19, 2008

three days of nonstop dust

I've blogged so much about dusty weather this season. but, truly when the vision is blocked and you cannot leave the house because it becomes hard to breath. There is nothing else to blog about, today I was coming out from work and its the third day of nonstop flying dust so I decided to video tape from inside the car. I had my laptop in the backpack so i grabbed it and used the built-in webcam.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A 1 Minute storm

what's left of the yard, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

I was sleeping yesterday when all of a sudden I heard a noise that felt like a plane was landing on top of the house. I rushed to the front door and first thing I saw a table flying, our table was flying. I couldn't snap out of it at first, but i realized its the strongest sand storm I've ever seen. After only a minute or less its started raining and this is when the weather calmed down. Afterward, we noticed all the damaged caused by this single minute only where I live dozens of trees fall in the middle of the street. Few street signs couldn't handle the wind and break down as well & there was parts where large balls of ice filled the street (Gulf road). click here to see all the pictures I took on that day.

UPDATE: I just found this video on youtube from yesterday's storm

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

the dawn moon

the dawn moon, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

I don't know why moon capture appeal more at the early morning hours. At least to my camera's lens, I find this time is the best for taking pictures of both the moon and sunrise. I had to darken up the colors and minimize the exposure to get it to look that way, used iPhoto the simple tool built within iLife. Off course, second best thing to do when you get up this early is to go look for flying birds and if you are near the seaside you get to capture fishermen leaving and preparing to leave the Marina.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

SMS Services at MugHOST

MugHOST is introducing SMS services to be used through API connections. We've been testing the services and its showing a great stability, I just finished writing an article on MugHOST you can read more about it here

Friday, April 04, 2008

Blood bank in Urood

Yesterday Urood team started something extremely useful here in Kuwait. Its not just a brilliant idea but its truly creative and it came when most needed. Ever now and then I see posts and ads about blood donations and how it may save lives! Urood came up with a new section "Community service" part of the community service is the blood bank link.

All you have to do is, click on the link and type write your information and blood type. so, if someone is in emergency they can look up matches on Urood. I think, this is wonderful and everyone should participate in this great humanitarian service

click here to start input or searching for a match
or just click here to view Urood home page

Have a great day every one,