Thursday, March 23, 2006

Vacation Abstract!

Having a vacation is awesome, planning the vacation SUCKS! Lately i been planning mine when first accord to me (the idea) I had no doubt about my destination it was going to be Ukraine i had a friend who lives over there and it was a chance to meet up and have some fun. then my friend called it off for reasons am not much aware of then later another friend comes up to me and ask me to join him to Romania he brings me promotions and pictures from his brother visit and convinced me to join!

but shit happen! he call it off too!, now am stuck alone in a trip but i was like "hell with it, am going!" so, I started getting myself together, apply for vacation and I GOT THE APPROVAL! so far things was going smooth! I had no problems going there alone i was going to go and meet new people - NATIVES - and just chill from work.

then I call the travel agency to check the plane timing "couldn't get it from the ticket" and the dude asks me if i have done my visa which off course I didn't do!

the bad news was the visa takes over a 45 days to get done through the Romanian embassy! WHAT THE HELL! - If i was going to the moon visa will take less time!! - and am already up that so, any ways, the people at the embassy was friendly and the romanian air ways they helped me to get it done faster now they promised me it will be done within couple of days before my flight! which scares me!

any ways, I will try to keep every body updated with this WEIRD trip even when i go there i will post pictures on a daily basis.


Anonymous said...

Don't lose your hope mo :) you'll see that in the end it's gonna be worthwhile

Anonymous said...

Don't change! you're a special friend to me and a best one!