Tuesday, November 20, 2007

iPhone experience: SSH terminal

G'day, This is just mind blowing and couldn't resist not sharing it with you guys. How to get your SSH terminal running on your iPhone. first of all you will need to install three application and you must do them in order.

1. BSD Subsystem (size 6.6 MB - Unix tool for the iPhone)
2. OpenSSH (size 696.3 KB - OpenSSH server & client)
3. Term-vt100 (size 81.1 KB - vt100 terminal app)

Once all the above is installed you will immediately find the terminal icon appears on your dashboard.

terminal on dashboard
(Above image you can see the term-vt100 appearing in the dashboard)

Using term-vt100
(Above image you see when the term-vt100 starts up you can switch to bash)

Have fun everyone,

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Mr.boSaud said...

Good Job..

Day after day.. I wondering why not buy this device!

For both uses (Personal & Business)

But, still not supported Arabic 100%.. thats awful, but I think may be there is some application for translation the menus and options!