Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kuwait Mac (2nd Gathering)

DSC00318.JPG, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

After lunching I was not expecting the growth to reach this amount in such a short period. Even the forums users arranged for some sort of a gathering where we got to meet each other and discuss issues related to Mac.

Last Tuesday (8th of May, 2007), I attended the first gathering at SECOND CUP cafĂ© near BORSA market. Well, in the beginning we got enough time to introduce ourselves and know each other. There was some Q&A corner…

Yeah and there was a give away DVD – Software collection special thanks goes to BigMac for his outstanding effort.

Eventually, we shot a group picture using terrible phone camera – MINE – which ended up to be quite fine.


BigMac also wrote about the same topic on his blog; follow the link


Bader Boarki said...

enshalla next time i'm with you guys :>

Q8links said...

Please post on your next meeting so that I can attend.