Monday, October 08, 2007

The new desk

three macs and me desk, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

Having a new desk is working for my advantage; the worst part of buying furniture from IKEA is that you have to build it once you get back home. I spent the entire evening with my brother putting this thing together.

Lately, I've been more organized than I use to be. I believe it has to do with the new thing am doing nowadays; I've decided to start writing my to-do's on a note book. And every time I remember something I'll write it there, on the first day I end up writing 2 pages of to-do. And it’s really working good, every day I take a look at what is left and work on them. Right now, I almost have one page already scratched as done.


Shoush said...

Ya, todo lists can be really helpful if u stick to them. Congrats on the new desk. Looking good.

ahmad.TV said...

congrats :)

as for the organizing thing, i highly recommend adapting a method called "GTD - Getting Things Done"