Thursday, January 04, 2007

Eid Mubarak & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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This year 2006 is quite a year, in my life there was so many things going on - Good stuff - but around the world. News kept popping up with awful incident happening from everywhere. Accept Australia! You never hear anything bad happen in Australia!

That’s one reason why I want to move to Australia. They don't even have natural disaster.

Let's get back to where we were. I realized something! the more you dig into news and websites! you are just brain washed by the media. Which controlled by rich people and big governments, as far as it seems.

A child can get killed in front of a camera lens and that’s fine, but when a soldier with dozen of tools carried on his shoulder on his way to kill someone – in the name of making peace and order – and gets scratched. This is big; there is absolutely no way to explain anything any more.

So, I came up with one conclusion, instead of focusing on news to see who won today or what’s going on in the world. I decided to do the same with my everyday life activities,

Head line “Mo watching a movie with friends tonight”, the details you can live it, at least you know it’s true :)

Off course, I loved about last year is getting the chance to explore some other cities my first destination was Greece (Athens). On May 2006 I spent there 8 fantastic days, a whole different culture and people! you die for. Its like they got born with a logo of simplicity attached to their foreheads. The ancient history has scrolled every part of the city making it a peace of art!

Then for few times visited Dubai for first time on 2006. It became my frequent destination with all the modern and advanced life, Dubai a city should be proud of. Emirates made Dubai the ultimate city :)

Then my 6 hours (plan switch in Bahrain) I like to this about this 6 hours as if never happened :)

In 2007, my plans is to see more as possible as it says, “the world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” by Saint Augustine.

Am also planning to making the best out of this year, books I have tagged to be read, courses – within IT field – to be taken, etc.

May God make 2007 a new start for better life style, career, joy and happiness


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