Monday, January 15, 2007

Paya Village, Tioman

Paya Village, Tioman, originally uploaded by EricKwan.

You could never ask for a better place, am again with my abstract. After a year of working constantly with a real hectic schedule, It can gets very frustrating when you are arriving back home on mid night and flipping channels in hope of something good might come up.

I have decided to pull off couple of weeks, for a complete brain shut down procedure. So, am very much expecting lost of data during the process, but what the heck

I was hoping to spend this vacation with my cousin since we can get along quite good. After a long discussion about the destination, we finally settled for Malaysia. I'm planning to keep a daily entry when am on board – will attach couple of pictures as well – but this is the plan! Actual could be a complete different situation.

Above picture is taken in the Islands of Tioman in Malaysia, it is a must visit Islands.

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