Thursday, March 22, 2007

Move break (300): Tonight, we dine in hell!

The 300 Spartan, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

It's almost a week of waiting to the movie to be released. I was SHOCKED!

I found out that the story behind the 300 Spartans are not limited to this particular movie. In 1962 a British movie was released with the same exact story (The 300 Spartans).

Technology in movies production has moved ages since then. The current 300 movie going in theaters now, is completely different from any other historical movie I have seen.

The story is about the battle of Thermopylae an amazing incident. When the King of Spartan Leonidas led an army of 300 men to a battle against the Persian army. It was a battle of glory, "Spartans taught never to retrieve, never to surrounded. Taught the death in a battle field is the greatest glory he could achieve", Those are the words of Leonidas.

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