Saturday, March 03, 2007

Movie break: Ghost Rider

Two weeks back I went to theater for Ghost Rider. Before I go ahead and niggle in the details, I always believed that movies only worth going to theater when the direction is extremely good. And by extremely good, maybe a wild imagination that was put so good even your eyes won’t believe!

Fiction or non-fiction it’s not important as long as cameras are detailed, graphic are stunning and off course sound track that takes you to another dimension.

Moving on to where we were, the movie was quite a shock to me. I never seen Nicolas Cage in such a role, I thought he was really getting old for that kind of stunt. Although, most the movie a graphical designed character was playing the role.

Off course with SonyPictures producing the movie you will obviously notice the amazing and very detailed editing.

Above picture for the biker Ghost rider getting help from Ranger Ghost rider on a horse, it’s quite an image they draw.

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