Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Living stone

Yes!! Living stone.. I was amazed when I first heard about it.

The living stone grows in Malaysia, I don't know if there is else where.. but, this kind of stone actually grows!.. just like a tree.. In Malaysia you will find special shops selling this kind of stones.. it requires water and light to live and grow bigger.. the amazing part is, it grows really fast and you can see the difference, the colors keep on changing and a crystal will start shaping around it.


Bader said...

WOW !! you own one ?
so strange, so amazing !
i'd really like to have one, if i did so, i'll call it RaCkocke as a pet name :P

Mo Mughrabi said...

Yes, it's strange in a way.. I mean, when I first heard about it. I was scared to keep that thing in my room!! .. but now, I have special bound with my rock :P