Monday, July 23, 2007

Sun Solaris workshop

For the past couple weeks I've been busy attending the Sun Solaris workshop. It was quite boring in the beginning but, I managed to entertain myself, the information I gained is mostly what I enjoyed. It was also a chance to break out the shift routine, and best of all I got an opportunity to meet up with fresh minds from different departments in the organization.

The class was given by Amer Saleh which came on special request from Egypt. Amer working for Oracle egypt and he plays a major role as Unix consultant.

Mainly, we covered issues related to Unix Administrator level one and two. There was extra one day we spent getting some shell programming done, basics as well for the advanced level. Yet, we finished a one month books in almost 8 days!

On the last day, I had my camera with me, i've taken nice pictures and uploaded the good ones on special set at flickr click here to list all the pictures.

As for now, I'll be getting back to the old me...


Raed said...

yah buddy, it was really amazing to be with yew in the same training, specially when we break out to smoke ;) that was the funny part ... and it was pleasure for me to know a person Like yew walla !!! keep it high buddy this is a nice work ;)

falnowy said...

حبيت اعرف منو اللي كان منظم هالورشه وهل راح يكون في غيرها ولا خلاص ؟

ثانكس :)

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