Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Climbing wall

Yesterday, I experienced something new, I went for wall climbing with my brother's. it was an extremely hard thing to do, it's not as easy as it looks.

Well, you definitely can go up once or twice. but, then you break down It requires a very strong grip. The new place is equipped with the best tools and it has 4 different levels to climb. You start with number one as easiest and then go to 4th which is kind a of impossible to do.

I've recoded some videos climbing the third level as you see below

After three attempts, I was taking a breath before going again here is another video I posted on youtube ( second video )

Oh that's me on number 20
( you can see all the photos on my flickr set)

Finally, you can go check it out by yourself it is near the Marina Mall and will cost you 4KD per hour. As far as I understood there is also membership programs that you can take advantage of.

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Bader Bouarki said...

wow that's awesome, which one was you ? right or left ??
i wish i could try this one day but my problem is.... heights phobia !