Sunday, September 09, 2007

under sirius umbrellas

Beach umbrellas, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

One of the biggest advantages of being in Turkey, Tekirova is the hotel systems. Considering the size of the city the hotels in that area are mostly resorts. Once you are inside, you will never need to go outside the hotel borders for anything. Most the hotels in that area offer full board stays including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, open bar and free beach towels.

All the hotels in that region are located near the beach, from 3 stars to 5 star luxury hotels. We checked-in at Sirius hotel a 4 star decent package, within 100 meters from the beach.

Majority of guests were Russian or at least Russian speakers. You can rarely pop into someone who speaks English; only two persons in the entire hotel spoke good English. One of them was the waiter…

The breakfast buffet was useless there was nothing to be eaten accepts fruits (how hard is it to prepare fruits, any way?). Otherwise the lunch and dinner they often had one or two dish where you can actually enough.


ahmad.TV said...

I didn't know you went to Turkey :) , wb bro

Mo Mughrabi said...

thanks ya man.. it was one nice experince.. plus, you get to run away from the deadly job routine :))