Friday, December 21, 2007

KwtLinux unleash all the geeks

KwtLinux unleash the geeks, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

I admit that I've not installed a Linux/Unix on my personal machines since I switched to Mac. but, my passion to get in the command-line mode has never gone away since I spend 8 hours at working doing so and yet I do run the terminal on my Mac machine every now and then. Kuwait Linux community came after the successful launch of Kuwait Mac community, there are lots of Linux/Unix users out there who's looking for a decent place to put their thoughts and share their experience. Only yesterday we've finalized the KwtLinux logo which was created by Guillermo.

Am certainly sure KwtLinux will be a great hit! stay tuned for updates..


AbdulAzeem said...


Mabrook Bo Jassem! :-)

Linux is better than "WIN DOZE" any day! And it is free too.

Thanks for your efforts for spreading freedom. Best of Luck.

~ AbdulAzeem

Mo Mughrabi said...

thank you AbdulAzeem for your comment. we do have lack in community sites in Kuwait as well as commercial sites..


Wish77 said...

its nice of you all to thinks and do that, and its great to share some of ur time to do it for others, i hope the best for u all and i will tray to join u soon.

Mo Mughrabi said...

Thank you wish77 for your comment. We are here hoping for the best and to see more visitors like yourself supporting the the online communities in Kuwait.