Saturday, December 08, 2007

shrimps recipe

jumbo shrimps

After long hours of working and working and working. I finally came to my senses about having a day to relax and call in some friends. Started up little late after I picked up Majed and went to the local fish market.

Then the guys did something amazing with those shrimps, the recipe were very discreet. but, I managed to tell few flavors plus I was there helping out. After they cleaned up the shrimps we got garlic, lime, salt and little spices mixed together. I think, the garlic was a bit more than usual because I could feel the garlic heat. However, there is serious plans to repeat this experience only this time we will eliminate steaks from the picnic and stick with the shrimps!

more pictures from the picnic click here

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EXzombie said...

next time try it with a 7up paste, just use the same ingredients and add 7up to it, we also use the caramelised shrimp, the Kentaky fried shrimps, it's really easy to do...

steak take a long long time to eat them, I would go with burgers.....!!!