Friday, February 29, 2008

Facebook, Is taking over Kuwait

I've been myspacing for very long time now & I've noticed recently that everybody is making a switch or starting up a new profile at facebook. When I finally decided to join, I was really surprised for the amount of people I already knew and found on the network there.

Half my family members were signed up, colleagues at work, school mates and much more. facebook, is definitely a great tool to keep you synced and connected with people in your life. I would say they have created the most sophisticated privacy system, which allow you to set certain people to view certain objects on your profile and much much more.

Off course, Kuwait network is quite big and currently has more than 66,000 hidden and visible users. One of facebook awesome function is the ability to get statistics about your network (top tv, top movies, music, interest, books..etc) the picture above has a really weird figure I found and marked with red. It seems like many are not sure how to spell out "traveling" and it came twice on the chart on number 9 and 10. Then, what with Troy being the first on the movies chart? Its very messed up!

UPDATE: Duplicated the same blog on Kwtblog here.


Qa6Wa said...

whoeva uses these online dating profiles thingies is LAME

Enigma said...

45% of the "Single" users are liars