Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sharm El Sheikh, Intro

Catamaran, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

The the only place I was never planning to go too. Turned out Sharm El Sheikh is truly a divers paradise, the timing & planning was rushed we had to get all the booking done within 2 days. Which is a very bad idea, you really must plan things at least one or two weeks ahead when going to Sharm El Sheikh. Because if you don’t, they will rip you off..

First thing you will notice about Sharm El Sheikh that it is completely different from any other Egyptian city. The small cute looking airport will make your day, plus you will see a very welcoming faces from officers and airport staff when arriving. The moment, you step outside the airport things will start looking different for instance be careful from airport taxis. Make sure you tell him where you are going and agree for a rate it should not be anything more than 80 Egyptian pounds (16$ USD).

Off course Sharm El Sheikh is packed with all kind of hotels you can find very cheap ones and you can go for the extremely luxurious ones. Well, picking a hotel is very important specially when it comes to location. Sharm El Sheikh center and the most alive area is Naama bay which is located 5 KM away from the airport. Unlike other areas Naama bay is extremely organized, If you decide to live near Naama bay you will have access to many things just by walking. Off course the beach is on the top of the list with its calm and crystal pure water, or the many restaurants & bars which lights up Sharm El Sheikh in the night.

Well, for us we had no option accept to stay at Delta Sharm which is 3 to 4 KM away from Naama bay and because we had to go down to Naama every day I rented a car.

In a nutshell, Sharm El Sheikh is a great destination & very affordable compared with other countries. In the upcoming entries I’ll write about Delta Sharm, renting a car in Sharm, food, activities & more other things.

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Big Pearls said...

I hate egypy..on the other hand I loved sharm al sheikh.

Mo Mughrabi said...

Yeah its true.. Sharm El Sheikh is totally different.. although, it could be even better if they worked on more rules & guidelines...

Anonymous said...

wonderful place and details .. hope u enjoy it .:)

Luxury Traveler said...

It would really be fantastic to spend a holiday at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel Sharm. I've see a lot of photos of it. So wonderful.