Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sharm El Sheikh, Where to stay

Delta Sharm, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

As I mentioned before if you can afford five star hotels go for it. Otherwise, there is a collection of hotels & resorts you can choose from stretching all over Sharm El Sheikh shore. The picture above is for Delta Sharm resort the service in there is horrible. The only advantage you get for being in Delta Sharm is freedom! meaning, in other hotels they won't allow you to have parties in your Chalet/room or invite friends over. Unlike Delta Sharm you can invite 10 people over, hang out & play cards in the balcony or just sleep over. Delta Sharm is not concerned about how many people inside the Chalet as long as you are paying the rent fully.

Delta Sharm location is not bad since its only 3 KM away from Naama bay, you can pick up a taxi from the main gate & will drop you at Naama bay for 15 Egyptian pounds (2$ US Dollars).

If you are planning to stay at a better hotel then go to Marriott beach resort located in the middle of Naama bay & only 2 minutes walk distance to the beach.

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Luxury Traveler said...

We're planning to stay at Four Seasons in Sharm el Sheikh but if it would cost too much, we'll maybe check out that place.