Friday, February 22, 2008

XTerra, Nissan in Babtain showroom

XTerra, Nissan, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

Today I passed by the Babtain showroom to see the new Nissan, XTerra. I got to admit Nissan did a great job releasing this model its far batter than any mid size 4x4 they designed before.

The new XTerra is designed in the US even the interior is more like an American car than japanese. If you look closely at the XTerra you feel you are looking at a Cherokee Liberty from Jeep it has almost the same shape but XTerra is much better looking.

Babtain are selling the fully loaded one at a price of 7,200KD and the mid one around 6,100KD yet I think the fully loaded is not worth the extra 1,100KD. The only difference you will get is the CD player, cruise control & 17" inch wheel rings (which looks very bad, I prefer the 15" inch). XTerra official site from US here you can surf & get more details about it,


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