Sunday, February 24, 2008

Linux Guru's in Kuwait (KwtLinux diary)

KwtLinux, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

Since I've started up the KwtLinux community it has been showing a very slow increase in visitors. Recently, I've done some updates to KwtLinux forums template, main page (wordpress) and added up couple new categories in the discussion board.

I've noticed that most Linux users in Kuwait are forced to work with Linux for work purposes. Well, there is few samples I've met through KwtLinux whom showing personal interest in Linux/Unix but its a fact that they are less.

In the past week I've wrote almost two very interesting blog entries on KwtLinux which perhaps you - reader - will find worth looking into the third entry was an announcement for KwtLinux group creation on facebook.

- Mounting remote folder on Linux fedora
- Alienware, power you linux
- KwtLinux on facebook

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