Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Happy national / liberation day, Kuwait

Luckily, I was off from work and I got a chance to go see the city lights and happy faces. If something I realized at this year it is that Kuwaities really know how to party and have fun.

Every radio I tune too I found some new songs & to be frank I've noticed that most these songs are so different from the past years. Although, It has been already 2 years since Sheikh Jaber passed away but in every song people still remember him. In every decoration you would see at least one thing about him, truly he was Ameer Alqolob.

Part of this year celebration, I decided to stop my car and drive my cousin behind me on a desert bike. He was handling the weapons reloading and aiming (foam) and I was planning the attack and run away strikes. It didn't end up nicely when we rolled over & I hurt few bones (huh).

Perhaps every one else noticed that this year National and Liberation days were much less activities. I remember in the past years there use to be many events and things to go check out, but I guess its fading out. I really hope next year will be better commitment and more passion invested in this holiday season. Because after all, I really enjoyed it getting attacked by a 20 teenager with foam guns was really fun...

Happy national and liberation day Kuwait,

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