Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sharm El Sheikh, Dinning

Cook door, Naama bay, originally uploaded by mo_mughrabi.

Its a great hassle when it comes to finding a decent place to dine. Naama bay is truly packed with literally hundred of restaurants & coffee shops. but, you really got to be careful with your choice..

Well, there is always the fast food choice like Cook door, McDonald's, KFC & Pizza-Hut. But, you will always want to try something different and since you are on the shores of the red sea you will definitely fancy some seafood.

Seafood, I must tell you the seafood in Sharm El Sheikh is way too expensive, its even more expensive than in your own country. Yet, there is nothing special about it, its just the same recipes every where else. If you are planning to try some seafood then let me give you some facts about the cost & best places to go. It will probably cost 400 Egyptian pounds (80$ USD) to dine for 3 persons, but always read the menu on the restaurant entrance to have an idea of rates.

Mexican bar, Its probably one of the best places we ate at. Its a bit expensive but its worth every penny specially with the nice atmosphere & neat menu. The service is a nightmare & they don't attend to you right away but once you are in Egypt you will be used to such services so don't panic.

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